A Scenic Route

Golden Gate Bridge

I’m pretty sure I may have mentioned my commute before, and how much it sucks. I would take 101 to 380 to 280 up 19th Ave into the Presidio. It would take at least 45 to 65 minutes. Half of it was highway and half surface streets. 101 was always packed and slow, much worse on the way home than in the morning. And 19th was all stop and go, three lanes with no left turns, 25 – 35 mph. Needless to say, this was a very stressful commute. On the motorcycle it would take 35 minutes tops, but I can’t ride everyday, especially if it’s raining.

So I decided to look at the map and see if (on the way home anyway) I could just stay on 280 and exit at some point parallel to my house. I found such an exit, and boy is it a doozy. There is a reason people don’t take that route. The roads are twisty and turny and the signs are very confusing. I had to turn around twice the first time I did it. And the speed limit is 25 or 30 most of the way. But, it’s not heavy, nasty 101 traffic, so I love it. The winding roads will be nice on the bike too.

Then this past weekend we were chatting with our cab driver while crossing the city and he recommended an alternative path for the last half of my commute. Instead of going from 280 to crappy 19th, he suggested this beautiful route beside the ocean that takes me up into the Presidio. I tried it on Monday and it was FABULOUS. There is light traffic and the speed limit is 30, but it moves and that’s what’s important.

I cannot even express how wonderful this new route is. I see waves on my way to and from work now! Between this and the new exit I discovered, I have a completely stress free commute (set aside the slow person I get stuck behind now and then). And I haven’t added any time to it. On average I think it takes 45 to 50 minutes! Thank you so much Mr. Cab Driver, you made my year!

The photo above leads to a photo set with a few snap shots of my new and wonderful route.

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