A Week at Home

We headed home from the beach house. I got caught up on some email and we all took some much needed naps. That night Keith came over and he, Dad and I went for movies and ice cream. It was a pretty laid back relaxed day. I also met my sibling�s mom and grandma. They were both very nice people.

Dad, Danielle and I took a little tour of downtown Houston. We went to a few galleries, ate some Cajun food for lunch, and saw our Dad�s work. Then we stopped in on Keith who works with Dad�s best friend Donnie and Tiffany�s boyfriend Ryan. After all that we headed home. I watched the guys play video games and helped my Dad with some computer stuff. Later that night Dad, Mary and I watched Chicago, which I liked � but I don�t think they did. I took a bunch of pictures, and when I get back I�ll do a little photo gallery of my trip. I feel very comfortable with everyone now. Once again, I�m going to be really sad to leave tomorrow.

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