Saturday – Travel Home

We got up really early to get ready and ride the Metro to the airport. The apartment owners, Claude and Claudie met with us to square things away.

I think I could have stayed longer, but I was also glad to go home. Paris is a wonderful place. I really liked the people and most that we met were very friendly. Every corner or circle seemed busy and buzzing with life. Not to mention the beautiful buildings everywhere and the wonderful monuments and such. I could very easily live there. I was glad to head home only because I missed my doggy.

The trip to the airport was easy and uneventful. But the airport, Charles de Gaulle, was a mess. There were very few signs pointing us in the right direction. Once we finally found our check in there was a huge line for that. And then a huge line for security. We just made it onto our plane, with about a minute or two to spare.

When we landed in Newark I thought customs was going to be a big pain. But it wasn’t. The guy asked me two questions and then I was on my way. What the heck?? Oh well, at least it didn’t take forever like I was afraid it would.

About 8 hours later and we were home. My doggy sitter was going to drop Joe off, but she was running late. So I didn’t see Joe for a couple hours more. He was so excited to see me, tail wagging, tongue licking my face and Steve’s. We were really happy to see him too. Ten minutes later we were in bed (to us it was about 7am, having stayed up over 24 hours).

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