Sonoma Wine Vacation

Party People Silhouette

This past weekend we went on a wine vacation in Sonoma. Our friends Orion and Rebecca have turned it into an annual event. They gather about 18-25 people and rent a mansion for a weekend in wine country. They rent a limo to transport everyone around on Saturday, so everyone is free to taste without worrying about driving.

Friday night we all made our own pizzas and Saturday night several people cooked some delicious food. Everyone hangs out, gets drunk, plays games, eats good food, and generally has a really good time.

We were all assigned jobs – one night I was dinner “mother” (cleans up after everyone) and the rest of the time I was “staff photographer”. Last year I took about 30 pictures, and this year I took over 300!

Mine and Steve’s favorite part was the hot tub. About five of us hung out there for about three hours on Saturday night, in the pouring cold rain. It was awesome!

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