Sweet Little Joe

This past weekend we went snowboarding and skiing up in Tahoe. Needless to say I am very sore now! Anyway, on the way there we stopped in Sacramento to visit our friends Mike & Meg (M&M). They’re at the half way point and they offered to watch Joe while we ski-boarded, so we spent Friday night at their place.

On the way to Tahoe Saturday we ended up on a road that was covered heavily in snow, and opted not to continue on that road. We turned back and went straight to the hotel. Sunday we hit the slopes, and boy was I rusty.

After a tiring day we headed back to M&M’s. Again, they were more than hospitable. They fed us some dinner and told us all about their adventures with Joe. They took him for a long walk; he jumped over the back of the couch, and promptly waited to be told to get off; and he slept in the bed we slept in the night before, as opposed to sleeping with them (which is what we thought he would do). And that is the part of my story that is so sweet. The little guy missed us so much, he needed to sleep where we did. Aww 🙂

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