Girona, Day 4

(Tuesday, May 15th)

We go wine tasting and actually leave on time! We also actually make it to all four scheduled wineries! Usually when we go wine tasting in these big groups Rebecca hires a limo, but we didn’t have the luxury so two of us had to drive the vans that day. I was one of the volunteers. Wasn’t so bad, and it meant I got to ask my passengers to go get me wine later that evening 🙂

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The wineries we hit up were: Masia Serra, Oliver Conti, Terra Remota, and Vinyes D’olivardots.

Being the driver I didn’t get to fully taste all of the wine, but I think my overall favorite was Oliver Conti.

Every winery has a dog, but at Terra Remota the bear-pig-dog stole everyone’s hearts! Though that doesn’t compare to what happened at Vinyes D’olivardots. Towards the end of our visit Kirk discovered a black Newfoundland puppy outside. There was also a sad brown dog chained up out there. His brown eyes cried out for just a little bit of love, any love. So Kirk gave him some love and the brown dog peed on his leg, without Kirk noticing! A little later Alex came out and saw the sad brown dog. He fell into the same trap. Went over to pet the poor guy and unknowingly — pee. Now those guys belong to sad brown dog!

On the way home everyone in my van fell asleep, which was expected. I was a little mean though and took a round about too fast, flinging them all to the side. No one woke up, but I got a lough out of it!

That night the castle folks cooked a four course meal for us.

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