I Arrive

Coming round the corridor I could see my “new” family – I couldn’t help but smile. My dad comes forward to give me a big hug. I feel him tremble with anxiousness, as I must be too.

Then I got hugs from my siblings – Danielle & Keith, Ricky, Brittany and Alexis. And I’m handed a big bouquet of roses.

Mary was running late, so we went to the baggage area, where we got my luggage and I finally get a big hug from Mary. Then we headed home.

There we played a couple rounds of pool (me and my dad vs. Ricky and Keith). I lost everytime I think. Dad subtley joked about house rules (I think referring to not beating him when we played one on one).

Then we all sat around and talked. I mostly listened and observed as they talked about people and occurances that I didn’t know. I attribute my lack of participation to being tired (and haveing had 2.5 beers). But it’s also because I have not been a part of this family – I am new and a stranger really – and that’s ok. Afterall, that’s why I’m here now 🙂

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